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Midwifery care

"A woman’s birth experience is not something that just happens to her and then it’s over. A woman’s birth experience is about who she is, it’s about who she becomes, it defines her, it unmakes her, and it re-makes her, it unravels her, and puts her together again."

–Hannah Dahlen

my midwifery care

Growing, birthing, and raising a baby is the wildest and most transformative thing you will ever do. 

I provide holistic, collaborative, primary care during pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum at home or in hospital. 


Weaving ancient, innate, and modern knowledge to support your health + decision-making. 


Helping you articulate your values, body literacy, and intuitive knowledge to cultivate autonomy and self-responsibility. 


Respecting and supporting you to grow, birth, and mother in power and dignity. 

It is one of my greatest pleasures to journey with women and their families as they grow, birth, and raise their babies.



Pregnancy is a supernatural and physiological process that fosters intuition, connection, and self-responsibility integral to birth and parenting. 

Birth is a spiritual, physical, and emotional event. It is deeply transformative for a woman and her family and leaves a lasting imprint on their DNA. A woman’s birth experience is fundamental to her postnatal mental health and capacity to mother. 

Exploring one’s values, support systems, and how one stands in their power, deepens self-awareness and contributes to a positive and transformational birth.  

The health of mothers contributes to the health and stability of the next generation. The wellbeing of families in the first few weeks and months after birth is critical for future wellbeing. 

Women are the experts of their own physiology. There is a range of normal to birth that is distinct to the individual; this range is influenced by a woman’s belief system and her relationship to the world around her. 

Partners are vital to a woman’s support system and can partake equally in the intimacy and connection of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Babies have the ability to communicate their needs to us long before they are born. Their experience through pregnancy and birth are foundational and significant. 


midwifery in BC

Registered Midwives offer primary care from conception through to 6-8 weeks postpartum.

We provide holistic care, longer appointments, home postpartum care and attend homebirths.

We provide medical care including labs, ultrasounds, prescriptions and referrals as needed.

It is recommended to book into care as soon you know you are pregnant. You do not need to see your family doctor before booking into care. Services are covered by MSP.

I will be working alongside qathet Midwifery Care in Powell River as of May 2022. Fill out an intake form through the link.


what clients say

"My experience working with Mandy during my pregnancy and birth was everything I could have hoped for. She was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and kind throughout my entire journey. I felt so safe and comfortable having her in my home for my sons birth. It is truly an amazing feeling having a team by your side that you trust to bring your baby into the world.  She made me feel so empowered and was a huge part of why my birth experience was so positive. I hope she is there for baby #2! I would recommend Mandy again and again." - Brandi
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