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reclaiming reverential, nurturing + therapeutic touch for pregnancy

a one-day workshop for bodyworkers to gain confidence and skill in abdominal massage for pregnancy

Sunday, September 24, 2023 9am-4:30pm

local health integrative clinic

#210 - 2285 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC

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The womb

is the safest place on earth

The wombspace is holy.
The source of life.
All systems in the female body
exist to support + nourish the womb.
Human life exists for the exchange of relational touch.
We yearn + crave this from birth to death.


It is our deepest privilege to honour the womb + growing baby through nourishing massage.

Wombspace is a one day gathering for bodyworkers to

learn the art of
abdominal + womb massage
in pregnancy.

Acquaint yourself with the unique anatomy of pregnancy + its relationship to the baby.

Bring softness + balance to layers of the abdomen from fascia to uterus.

Increase comfort, decrease pain.

Explore palpation + fetal position.

Support intimacy between your client and their body + baby.


massage therapists...

...did your education include teachings on abdominal massage in pregnancy? you want your prenatal massage to include the most fascinating part of a woman's body in pregnancy?

...are you ready to gain confidence offering therapeutic touch for uterine alignment + balance?

bodyworkers... you have pregnant mamas in your clientele?

...want to incorporate nourishing abdominal massage in your offerings?

...this is for you too, whether you are licensed or not!


come + Learn:

female posture + movement for pain resolution

  • understand foundational movements to support optimal function of the female pelvic organs + musculature


massage + fascial release of the wombspace, uterus + ligaments

  • gain confidence providing therapeutic touch to the most integral part of the pregnant body.


increasing space for breech + transverse + OP positioned babies

  • is there such a thing as optimal fetal positioning? learn how to support clients who come to you with 'fetal malposition' + develop knowledge of anatomical + physiological relationships between the wombspace + the baby (or babies!).


pelvic girdle complaints

  • SI joint pain, symphysis pubis pain, round ligament pain, lightening crotch, coccyx pain, swelling, and more! explore posture, movement, and release techniques for common pregnancy complaints.


//This workshop is tailored to massage therapists and bodyworkers (physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors, cranio-sacral therapists, physiologists, etc.) Please be in touch if you're curious about integrating this practice into your work!

//We will practice on each other + through self-massage for the first half of the day. Pregnant clients will be invited for the second part of the day for guided integration. You are encouraged to invite a client of yours in their 3rd trimester for this portion. Detailed information will be sent out closer to the workshop date.

//This is a 6 hour workshop with a 1 hour lunch + a shorter afternoon break. Lunch and afternoon snack are included in your ticket and will be provided by The Rooted Table.

//100% refundable 2 weeks prior to the workshop date. 50% refundable 1 week prior to the workshop date. Not refundable within 1 week.


Hi, I'm Mandy Verghese!

a midwife, bodyworker, and herbalist.


click to read more about me...

I'm obsessed with a few things:
birth, pregnant bellies, breech babies, female physiology + pain resolution. I bring all my obsessions together in my midwifery + bodywork practice.

I see a huge gap in therapeutic + reverential wombspace care during pregnancy. Either the abdomen is poked + prodded for assessment purposes, or there is complete avoidance. The result of this medical + liability model of care has led to increased fear + disassociation; an early detachment within the mother-baby dyad.

This can change in one moment.

It is my life's work to walk with women, birthworkers, and bodyworkers as they take full authority of their health + work, deepen their intuition, step into self-responsibility. A trusting, fear-free relationship with your client during their pregnancy is available to you. Be a part of restoring profound connection between her body + baby.

My teaching is rooted in female physiology, what has become true for many of my clients, and my own lived experiences as a midwife + mother. My bodywork practice combines massage, myofascial release, physiotherapy, and cranio-sacral therapy.

Massage is an extension of our intuition. We can offer therapeutic touch in pregnancy with confidence. As a bodyworker, you are perfectly placed to offer respectful, nurturing, loving care that restores innate physiology. Also, the pregnant belly is THE most fun part to massage. I can't wait to teach you how!


a one-day workshop for bodyworkers to gain confidence and skill in abdominal massage for pregnancy

Sunday, September 24, 2023 9am-4:30pm

local health integrative clinic

#210 - 2285 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC

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