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in devotion to female physiology + women's health care from menarche to menopause

working with women as they deepen their intuition, step into self-responsibility, and bring their bodies back home into physiological alignment




From menarche to menopause and beyond, integrative, hands-on, hands-in approach to women’s healthcare. Whole-body care in service to your posture, pelvic health, fascial mobility, and organ placement.

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Collaborative, primary care from conception until 6 weeks postpartum. Caring for you at home and in hospital.



Reclaim the art of therapeutic abdominal massage for pregnancy. Workshops for birth workers + bodyworkers


about me

mother, Midwife, bodyworker, EDUCATOR, herbalist

It is one of my greatest pleasures to journey with women as they grow, birth, and raise their babies. 

I have lived and breathed birthwork since attending my first birth fresh out of high school. Diving into midwifery a few years later, then prenatal bodywork and herbal medicine more recently has felt like a grand alignment in how I want to provide well-woman care.  

Along with my 12+ years in birth work and midwifery, I have journeyed the intensity of birth and the transformation of motherhood twice. Both of my births nurtured faith, intuition and self-responsibility; values I live by and support in my clients. 

I am passionate about developing integrity, truth, and sustainability in my work and relationships inside and out of the medical model of care and mentoring birth workers as they navigate these themes themselves. 


My spare time is spent at the beach or invested in deepening and widening my craft through study and mentorship. 

I currently live and serve women in Powell River, BC.


My learning...

Bodywork + movement

The Breech Release ˑ Restorative Midwifery ˑ 2023

Womb Continuum Practitioner ˑ Ma School ˑ 2023enrolled

LumboPelvic, Scapularthoracic Foundations ˑ Katie St. Claire, 2023

Functional Foot Biomechanics ˑ Rali Malcheva ˑ 2023

Pelvic Health Intensive, Staff ˑ Adelaide Meadow ˑ 2023

Pelvic Health Intensive ˑ Adelaide Meadow ˑ 2022

Craniosacral Therapy Level 2 ˑ Kari Toft ˑ 2023

Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 ˑ Healing Hands Training ˑ 2022

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, The Breech Release ˑ 2019

Spinning Babies® 2-day Workshop ˑ 2016, Facilitator 2021

Midwifery + Women's health

Women’s Work 1.0 ˑ Adelaide Meadow ˑ 2022

Herbal Medicine for Women ˑ Aviva Romm ˑ 2020, enrolled

Internationally Educated Midwifery Bridging Program ˑ UBC ˑ 2016

BSc in Midwifery ˑ UWS, Scotland ˑ 2015

Hypnobabies Certified Hypnodoula ˑ 2011

DONA birth doula ˑ 2010

My collaborations...


Herbal remedies for physiological family health. Supporting you through the waves of life.

Herb Shop
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