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reclaiming reverential + nurturing touch for pregnancy in sisterhood

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The womb

is the safest place on earth

The wombspace is holy.
The source of life.
All systems in the female body
exist to support + nourish her.
She deserves all our love + attention.
Human life exists for the exchange of relational touch.
We yearn + crave this from birth to death.


It is our deepest privilege to honour the womb + growing baby through nourishing massage.

Wombspace is a one day gathering of sisters, birthworkers + those in their third trimesters.

Reclaim the art of
abdominal + womb massage
in pregnancy.

Acquaint yourself with the unique anatomy of pregnancy + its relationship to your baby.

Bring softness + balance to layers of the abdomen from fascia to baby

Increase comfort, decrease pain.

Explore self-palpation + fetal position.

Connect deeper with yourself, your baby + one another.


This workshop incorporates self-massage + the giving-receiving of massage between attendees.

Sisters + birthworkers

Massage is an extension of what we do naturally and is an accessible to everyone. Our approach is reverential, sensitive, and present; rooted in anatomy. Uplevel your current offerings with the confidence + skill of prenatal belly massage.

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Pregnant Mamas

You can know everything about your body and baby. It starts by touching your body + baby. Increased knowledge of your physiology, deepens intuition and connection to your baby. Enjoy receiving touch that is tender, loving, and nurturing.


//Half the attendees are sisters, birthworkers + bodyworkers who are interested in giving massage. Half the attendees are pregnant, in their 3rd trimester, and willing to receive massage.


//As the pregnant participant you will learn as much as the massage-givers, and will be able to integrate all the techniques into a self-massage practice.

//All of our learning will be taught in a traditional manner on the ground. Props and cushions will support us as we sit, lie, and practice massage. A limited number of massage tables + couches are available as well. You will learn a supine + side-lying massage flow.

//This is a 5 hour workshop with a 1 hour lunch break. Nourishing drinks and snacks are included.

//A full refund is available up to 48 hours prior to the workshop. On-call birthworkers and those who are pregnant are highly recommended to have a replacement participant arranged in the event you are called to a birth or are unable to attend the workshop.

//$222 per attendee


read more about me here...

It is my great pleasure to walk with women as they take full authority of their health, deepen their intuition + step into self-responsibility. I am interested in the ways we can gather information about our bodies + support our physiology without the need to outsource + diagnose.

are You ready for ownership of prenatal bodywork outside the medical model?

WOMBSPACE is for you if you...
  //want to increase your knowledge of the female body in pregnancy
  //are fascinated by the wombspace + what she can communicate
  //are aware of a large void + rife fear of abdominal massage in pregnancy
  //desire greater understanding of symptoms + autonomous resolutions
  //want to enhance your prenatal offerings

next workshop...

March 25, 2023

The garden strathcona

Vancouver, BC

$222 per attendee

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