Belly Massage Workshop

Touch is our first language. Touch is nurturing. Touch is regulation.

Giving and receiving a belly massage in pregnancy is for everyone.

November 12, 2022. 1-4pm
Bellies Community, Pitt Meadows, BC
$175 per person

Massage is an extension of what we do naturally.

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 - Come reclaim the art of belly massage -

- Acquaint yourself with the anatomy of pregnancy and it's relationship to the baby -

- Learn techniques to soften and balance the layers of the abdomen -

What you'll learn:

reverential, sensitive, non-clinical approach to prenatal touch

intro to anatomy, physiology + nervous system of pregnancy


nurturing belly massage flow supine and side-lying


identify the layers of the abdomen from fascia to baby


fascial + ligament release techniques


supporting posture and breath for the female body



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This intimate 3 hour workshop is designed for pairs: a birthworker, sister, or female friend who wants to learn the art of belly massage, and a pregnant mama in her third trimester, or more than 28 weeks, who is willing to receive and learn this practice for herself.


As the pregnant participant you will learn as much as your workshop partner, and will be able to integrate all the techniques into a self-massage practice.

All of our learning will be taught in a traditional manner on the ground. Props and cushions will support us as we sit, lie, and practice massage. There will be a limited number of massage tables

Nourishing drinks and snacks are included in this workshop.

The cost of the workshop is $175 per participant. It is recommended that you and your partner sign up simultaneously to ensure you both have a spot! Please contact me directly if you are looking for a partner to attend with.

A full refund is available up to 7 days prior to the workshop. On-call birthworkers and those who are pregnant are highly recommended to have a replacement participant arranged in the event you are called to a birth or are unable to attend the workshop.