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Full length sessions are booked on

an individual basis

In Person + Virtual Support

Offering in-home sessions in Powell River, BC and surrounding communities.

Virtual sessions world-wide.

Please contact me for Vancouver, BC availability.

covered by BC mSp

Sessions are covered by MSP with a referral from a midwife, doctor, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or a social worker.

Your practitioner can send a referral form or give you a prescription for 'prenatal or breech body balancing'.

private bookings:

Consultation + Intake

Prenatal Bodywork

Prenatal Bodywork, in-home

Virtual Session



best timing

Breech: 31-34 weeks. You do not need ultrasound confirmation to book a session.  

Transverse: 28-30 weeks

Twins: From 20 weeks

Previous CS, history of difficult birth, discomforts or pain in pregnancy: from 28 weeks

length of sessions




2 - 2.5 Hours

2 Hours

1.5 Hours

  • How do I prepare for a session?
    Daily castor oil packing to begin the process of softening adhesions and granting us easier access to deeper tissue layers and organs. On the day of your session, have clean skin free from moisturizers or oils. You do not need to wear any clothing or you may choose to wear a loose tank top (no bra) or a loose bralette and underwear. In order for you to be present and ready to embody this work, I require sobriety which includes cigarettes, vapes, psychedelics, stimulants, antipsychotics, and anti-depressants. Please be in touch if are are wanting this work and are in the process of actively weaning off substances or medications.
  • Is this massage therapy?
    No. Womb continuum care specifically uses fascial + organ manual therapies to bring your external and internal structures back into alignment. We are interested in changing and optimizing your posture and organ position longterm. All muscle and organ function is dependent on fascial mobility, so we start there. This can take time and WORK. Our sessions together are not for exclusively for relaxation, de-stressing, kneading 'knots' and muscle massage. We work together because you are ready to help your body unwind years of adhesions, scar tissue, and postural imbalances. We work with your body as a whole from superficial to deep layers of the body, centering abdominal and pelvic function. The lineage of Womb Continuum care draws from structural integration, myofascial, mayan and traditional Mexican abdominal, intra-pelvic, and visceral therapies. This work is private and not covered by insurance.
  • How long is a session?
    All sessions are 90 minutes. You may request longer sessions up to 120 minutes.
  • What does a session look like?
    Every session starts with a postural assessment and then we move to the table. We spend most of our time on our back or side-lying. A session usually includes plenty of fascial and abdominal work. The intention is to address specific anatomy while allowing your body to guide us to where it needs work.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    However many it takes! It takes time to unwind the years of restrictions and adhesions held in your body. You are welcome to book a single session to become familiar with my work. I highly recommend committing to several sessions in a short time frame in order for you to experience what long term changes are possible.
  • Can I receive uterine work with an IUD in place?
    No. Wombspace and uterine work can manipulate the placement of your IUD and render it ineffective. A commitment to this work and your pelvic health is the commitment to allowing your uterus to function as it inherently needs to – hormonal contraception free.
  • How early can I receive this work in pregnancy or postpartum?
    Allow the 1st trimester to be a time of rest and protection. You are welcome to book in from 14-15 weeks and throughout pregnancy. Immediately after a vaginal birth. Wait at least 10-12 weeks following a caesarean section.
  • Vegan? Belly piercings? Botox? Breast implants?
    I only work with those consuming animal products as your tissues are more responsive and more likely yield positive long-term results. You must remove belly piercings (and keep them removed) to receive scar and abdominal work. I do not work with those who are actively receiving botox injections as it creates numb, unresponsive tissue affecting the whole body.
  • What is your bodywork background?
    I’m currently studying under Carly Rae Beaudry and Andrea Terrones in Ma School. My background is in hands-on midwifery care since 2012 and prenatal abdominal bodywork specializing in breech positioning since 2019. I use a combination of structural integration, myofascial, visceral, cranio-sacral manual therapies and traditional Mexican belly work. I intentionally practice bodywork without licensure.
  • Do you offer sliding scale prices?
    If you struggle to maintain to needs such as health care, housing, food, child care, and are living paycheck to paycheck or are in significant debt, please reach out and let’s discuss what we can offer each other.
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