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Full length sessions are booked on

an individual basis

In Person + Virtual Support

Offering in-home sessions in Powell River, BC and surrounding communities.

Virtual sessions world-wide.

Please contact me for Vancouver, BC availability.

covered by BC mSp

Sessions are covered by MSP with a referral from a midwife, doctor, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or a social worker.

Your practitioner can send a referral form or give you a prescription for 'prenatal or breech body balancing'.

private bookings:

Consultation + Intake

Prenatal Bodywork

Prenatal Bodywork, in-home

Virtual Session



best timing

Breech: 31-34 weeks. You do not need ultrasound confirmation to book a session.  

Transverse: 28-30 weeks

Twins: From 20 weeks

Previous CS, history of difficult birth, discomforts or pain in pregnancy: from 28 weeks

length of sessions




2 - 2.5 Hours

2 Hours

1.5 Hours

  • What do I need for a home bodywork session?
    A space for me to set-up a massage table and a few of your favourite pillows. Please wear loose clothing with access to your abdomen, ideally no bra and a loose waistband.
  • My baby’s position feels good. Can I still book a session?
    Yes! The benefits of prenatal bodywork are for everyone.
  • Should my partner be there?
    Recommended but not necessary. There are several techniques that require a partner and it is helpful if they can be available towards the end of a session to learn these. If your partner is unavailable then your doula or other support person is welcome to attend and learn.
  • Are you a massage therapist?
    I am a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, and use massage and manual techniques for pregnancy. I learned directly from Nicole Morales and Jamie Mossay who teach The Breech Release. I also have close to a decade of experience palpating the abdomen in pregnancy. I combine these two skills sets to offer prenatal bodywork that integrates advanced palpation with therapeutic touch. I am not a registered massage therapist.
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